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The Paris Climate Talks and the role of GeoTechnologies

Upon the conclusion of the Paris climate summit today, it seems fitting to discuss the role that geotechnologies have in shaping our world's future. Why?  Because geotechnologies, including Geographic Information Systems, web mapping, Global … [Read more...]

Yes, Mentors Care! Seek One.

Mentors make a difference.  Mentorship works.  Why?  Mentors encourage students to think about what they are interested in, and how they might apply their own interest to a career.  Mentors work with employers.  Sometimes, the mentor is the … [Read more...]

What made me aware that choosing a green career was important

What made me aware that choosing a green career was important?  Many of us have pivotal moments that helped shape their career path.  My "a-ha moment" in deciding to work for sustainability and geography is when I read a book entitled The Last Great … [Read more...]

Reading the Last Great Auk book at Age 11: It had a big impact!

At age 11, I read a book that had a profound influence on my environmental views, entitled The Last Great Auk, by Allan W. Eckert.   Because the author makes the very last of these great birds the protagonist, this thoroughly enjoyable, fascinating … [Read more...]

On Staying Motivated

Throughout my career, four things have kept me motivated.  First and foremost, as I have recommended in my Green 360 writings in the past, choose something that you feel passionate about.  Then, every day at work, you don't just have a job, you have … [Read more...]

How can students learn about community and jobs during vacation?

How can you translate your enthusiasm for sustainability and the environment into productive summer activities? One way is by gaining skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and collecting data in the field to be mapped and analyzed.  Those … [Read more...]

Internships and You

As many of you know, I am involved in the field of geotechnologies, which uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to make wiser decisions about the major issues of our time, from local to global scale.  Because thousands of organizations use GIS … [Read more...]

Strategies in Making a Higher Education Decision

When choosing a college or university, think of it as the first of many career decisions you will make.  Yes, it is a further extension of your education, but in many ways it influences the types and locations of job opportunities that you will have … [Read more...]

Government, business, academia, nonprofit: Been there, done that!

I've worked in federal government agencies. for private businesses, for higher education institutions, and for nonprofit organizations.  I guess that makes me qualified to say, "been there, done that" - (or else, it just means that I'm old!).   But … [Read more...]

Dinner with my Geospatial Heroes

This is going to sound pretty geeky, but Roger Tomlinson, the Father of GIS, is the person that I would most like to have dinner with.  He has that title because he was the first person not only to coin the phrase "Geographic Information Systems", or … [Read more...]